Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay... as you all know, I could probably write a book on my crazy, wacky life. Seems as though everything always happens to me! When I figure out why, I will let you know. So back to my story.
My husband and I had to make a few quick errands yesterday late afternoon. All of my children got picked up early, all before 4:30pm. My husband mentioned that he was going into town and I was like.... WAIT! I want to go! So his cousin who was at our house said just go and Ill watch the kids. So off we went. First over to West Eugene for a quick errand and then to the bank by 5:30 for our appointment to sign some papers for business stuff.
While we were sitting in the bank we seen a guy walk in with a motorcycle helmet on with the face shield pulled down. I really didn't think anything of it, just figured he was in a hurry and maybe didn't want to take the thing off? So as we sat there signing away I heard a "Gasp" and I looked up and didn't really notice anything out of play, but again... the last thing that comes to your mind is a robbery in progress.
Well, when he turned around to walk out of the bank, he walked past us and as he passed us there was immediate chaos, I then realized what just happened. My husband flew out of the chair and ran out the door with another girl from management and tried to follow him but being on a motorcycle it was more apparent that he had way more maneuvers than being in a car.

The police were called and the FBI and lots of undercover agents surrounded the bank. I was in amazement but had a bad gut wrenching feeling in me as my husband was out there somewhere chasing this idiot down. Where could he have gone? What may have happened? Did he get shot down? My fears in me were going crazy.
After coming back I was very relieved, as my husband was bummed that he couldn't catch the guy. So once the bank got put on lock down we were questioned about what we had just witnessed and let go after about an hour and after it was safe for us to leave. I am praying and hoping this man gets caught and punished for what he has done. The crazy part of this story.... this was his second robbery to this bank. And unfortunately his second escape. Lets hope not for his sake.
This world is getting so scary. Makes me wonder everyday what this world is going to mount to when our kids get to be our age.

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