Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls just wanna have GLOSS!?!

Okay.... So my daughter is a bit of a make-up/fashion freak! Fashion fopah is not her game! Well maybe today it shall be. LOL She came straight out of the "Diva" box. I knew this was going to happen when she came out of the womb, maybe other people including my husband knew it a bit more than I did. Ha!

I have to say, I tend to cater to her needs as a "young" girl than I really should, but it's so much fun, I may just be creating a monster in the process. Becoming a teenage girl demanding the 100 dollar make-up box just may be a little out of my league. So today, as any... she went straight for her dress up trunk. She tends to show a little "more" of her girly side when there are other girls visiting our home. So this is what I captured. I hope they had fun in the moment, because the "clean up" was a bit challenging. I may need to show her how to properly apply make-up. Haha

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