Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay... so I have to be honest. I have always loved taking pictures of my kids. I love taking pictures of many things honestly. My wheels are always spinning on places for the best pictures, capturing those moments that we can NEVER regain. Well, just the other day my beautiful step mom made a remark to me saying "sheri, you really need to take this photography seriously" well I was pretty taken back I must say because I always thought... "well other moms do this too". I never thought my pictures were anything that great. So I thought many days about what my step mom had said to me, and I just can't get it out of my head! I have always thought on what I could do career wise, something that I enjoy and make money at the same time. I guess what I have always loved to do has been sitting right in front of me without me even taking notice.

So I think I am going to start with saving up to buy a good photography camera that will only help enhance my pictures. Boy, I think my pictures are pretty great now.... I can't wait to see what a nice quality "Photography" camera will do. I have always wanted to take classes out at the college on how to work photoshop, which I do have the program and I am always tinkering around with it, but now is a fabulous excuse to take the classes now. :)

Thank you so much Gail for shedding the light, helping me see what I have all along been looking for. The only thing I ask of you.... Is I get to take those special photos of you and my dad. :)

Here are a few pictures I took of the kids a while ago that I just love. I captured the kids hanging upside down off the couch, snapped the picture and wala... instant cuteness! The other pic of Jocelyn is just another favorite. She's an old pro as mommy is always making her pose for the camera. LOL


d@gmarrs said...

I love the upside down pictures, you are so talented, should put them to use

d@gmarrs said...

Glad to know you're taking this seriously. You really have that touch when it comes to pictures. Go Girl!! You can do it.