Friday, October 24, 2008


This is a really touching subject for me, especially to write about. All of my life, my heart has always been about family. My heart has been lost for quite sometime because I have family scattered everwhere throughout the United States. Chyenne and I lived in Arizona for a number of years before Cameron was born and in his first year. I was not happy being away from my family. It's almost a feeling of being lost for me. My sister, whom I love more than anything than words can say lives in Virginia. I have alot of memories with her, we used to be the best of friends, tell one another everything. I flew back there about 5years ago to see her. I felt a sense of being finally complete when I seen her for the first time in 10 or so years. It was like we never missed a beat with one another, but I do have to say.... having to say goodbye to her was like putting a knive thru my heart. 5years later I still feel that way when I think about how much I miss her.
We have been thru alot of tough times in the past year that has almost drowned out our special relationship we have for one another. Im not sure what happened. I do however know that we both have said some hateful things to one another in the midst of an argument that can be taken back and I just want to let you know sis... I am sorry on my part and lets put our stubborn heads together and figure out a better solution. I love and miss you so much. If I could go to the end of the earth for you... I would in a heart beat! There is nothing in this world more special to me than to have a sister, a best friend and I miss you so much.

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