Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school!

I just can't get over how fast our summer came and went! I always look forward to the fall season, only because it's my favorite time of the year.  I always start getting excited right around July-ish about burning those wonderful pumpkin spiced candles, the crisp cool mornings, the pumpkins growning in the pastures.... Don't get me wrong, I love the summer months, love the sun, the smell of sunblock, the sound of kids splashing around in the water, the warm nights.... But this year, we didn't have much of that.  Today was the first day of school and can I say what a lost soul I was? A first and 3rd grader....gone for the whole entire day! This morning was a big deal for our daughter especially! She's in full time school! Now, I am asking myself just how THAT happened.  It's just amazing how fast they grow up.  As a mother, it was a bitter sweet moment for me.  Fighting back the tears from the moment we all woke up to the front door of her classroom.  Saying goodbye was a hard one! One of my friends said that I just got my "get out of jail" free card, go enjoy my day, LOL.  Well, I certainly didn't think of it that way, but then again....I am the kind of parent that would rather have my kids around me VS away from me.  So with my daughter excited, my son was not so much.  He LOVES school for the most part and so I was a little taken back from what I was hearing so I sat him down and got to the bottom of it.  He was concerned that he 3rd grade was going to be to hard for him.  The mom in me wanted to hold him, protect him and keep him home, but I knew I could not do that. 
So your probably wondering JUST what I did with my free day? Well, I thought about my precious cargo A LOT! I rand errands, visited a great friend and treated myself to coffee and did a little bit of shopping.  I decided my first free day needed to be spent outside of the house VS at home.  All in all.... I enjoyed my day, but I was 15 mins early at the bus stop today because I just couldn't wait for my babies to get off that bus and run in my arms.  It was the best feeling when they DID!  It's going to be quite the change from here on out, but I think in due time, this will be a good thing.  My daughter is a bit babied and spoiled and I think now that she's in full time school, she will grow out of that.  LETS hope! HA

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