Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My FREE Flat Iron!

So a few weeks ago I entered a contest on http://mynewlifeasmom.com/ to win the Misikko "pink" edition flat iron.  I seriously NEVER win anything.... EVER!  I knew the date was coming up for the generator to generate the winning number, and out of 760 people that entered, my thought of even having a chance diminished.  So I went on about my life and forgot about it.  The day came and I had a message on my facebook telling me there was a message on the blog above.  I clicked on "mynewlifeasmom blog" and to my amazement.... I WON! I really WON!  How in the world did I WIN?  Seriously.... it couldn't have came at a better time! My current 20 dollar flat iron was on it's death bed and my poor hair..... FRIZZ! I just want to cut it all off DAILY! 

I am so excited to get my new iron in the mail.  This is a great gift and goes to show..... Even "I" can win, something!  And the best thing about it.... IT'S PINK! I LOVE PINK! So now I have decided to do similar on my blog.  I want to do these kinds of giveaways as well.  I want to be able to put a smile on someone's face the way Stephanie over at http://mynewlifeasmom.com/ did.  Thank you Stephanie.  Thank you, Thank you!

So if you haven't already..... click on the link on my sidebar to "follow" me! As soon as I get enough followers I will be doing the same thing. 


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Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! They are the best, aren't they?

My New Life As Mom said...

Fo sho! I'm glad you are excited and will email you when it ships. It should ship out, today.