Thursday, June 3, 2010


My son's mouth is terrible, and it all started when his adult teeth decided to come in, in all the wrong places! So very frustrated, we (my husband and I) decided to wait for a bit to see if maybe these teeth would maybe.... adjust themselves?!? Wishful thinking eh? So the other day I decided enough was enough. I scheduled an appointment with this awesome Orthodontist, of whom I was recommended too. (Thank you Cendy!)

The day came for our appointment, my son did NOT sleep and was anxiously anticipating this visit. Explaining to him over and over that the Ortho was only, ONLY going to look in his mouth and tell us what needed to be done. Well I don't think he quite believed me at that time. haha

Upon parking our car in front of the building, as I looked in the rear view window I could see the fear in my son's eyes. Yep, he's just like his momma.... HATES dentists/Orthodontists (as I had braces my whole childhood as well, and even have nightmares about it on occasion) so he comes by it honestly.

Clinching my hand, we both walked into the office, and there we were standing at the front counter to sign in as my son's eyes went from BIG and fearful to....HAPPY and EXCITEMENT! All around this office were Video games, computers, Guitar hero, books..... you name it, they had it! He was INSTANTLY in aweeee.

Getting the grand tour of the office, I got a nice coffee mug and coffee.... It was the most memorable, pleasant experience ever. I don't EVER remember having this as "I" was a kid! If I did... It may have not been so bad.

Our visit lasted about an hour and a half and from what I went through to get my son there.... He didn't want to go home! He got to spin a wheel to win prizes, got tokens to turn in for a prize (with each visit) I was so happy that he had a good experience. Sure makes my life a little easier for all of our future visits.

So here's what his mouth looks like, (yes, I blackened out the information for his safety and privacy, since this IS on the web) and the drawings on his teeth are the braces. I was very surprised that they don't even have to pull any teeth, which I really thought they would.

The next step.... A cleaning at the regular dentist with a general exam, scheduled for June 30th. July 21st will be spacers and a week after that appointment will be braces. AND.... my son's excited about it. LOL Not sure how that took place, but at this point?!? I am just happy he does not have the fear he DID have.


My New Life As Mom said...

Yay, Cameron! That's awesome that he isn't scared anymore. I would be, for sure!

Christie said...

Glad they didnt have to pull any teeth. Looks like he will have a great smile when its all done.

Bree said...

Oh, braces- what fun for the whole family :), had them too and headgear! I like your daughter's name- we almost did that but went with Jordyn...maybe, maybe if we have a 3rd, I think I may spell it Joslyn- because we do nothing 'normal' around here- hence, thinking outside of the box ;)- thanks for hopping around!

kbreints said...

Oh man I wish my ortho had that when I was younger!! I wore braces for 4 years...