Monday, February 8, 2010

Winterfest 2010!

So this post is a little backwards. I added pics first then wrote my story... Well, you still get the concept anyhow. So enjoy~

The skiers with their torches. This was so pretty!

Me and my Honey.

Taking a break from Skiing, warming up by the fire

Cameron on Ski's, he did so awesome!


Daddy and Jocelyn. Jocelyn getting off the lift for the first time.

Daddy Draging Jocelyn off the lift. LOLCameron on the lift!

Jocelyn on her skiis, she did great too!

The two loves of my life!

My Brother and I

My little cutie pie!

See that hut down there?!? That's the length of this slope! FUNNNN

My Honey again!

So this weekend was the most fabulous weekend I have had in a very long time. We were invited to this event a while ago, but never put much thought into it since it was the same weekend that Chyenne's cousin was getting married. A few weeks ago, surprisingly my husband approached me and asked me what I thought about going to the Winter Fest instead.... I was excited, especially since we NEVER miss any event when it comes to family, so we figured this one time wouldn't hurt.

We left on Saturday early morning, I just want to add.... this weekend wouldn't have been possible without the help of several good friends that helped us out. I have to say, we are very blessed to have such great people in our lives.

I had my alarm set for Saturday morning, 6am. I was like a kid in a candy store, up before the alarm went off and ready to rock! Almost like black friday. LOL

The kids jumped out of bed, and I had clothes set out, bags packed, food ready, so all we needed to do was jump in the SUV and we were off.

We got to Hoodoo ski area at around 10am. We were so pumped that the kids could hardly stand it. We found our parking place, before we could even get parked, the kids were trying to jump out of the vehicle. haha.

We first started off in the Autobahn area which is a HUGE tubing area and the slopes are huge and go forever it seems like. We spent a few hours doing this and the kids had no fear of coarse, my daughter was going down like it was nothing, while mom and dad were losing their lunch halfway down the hill. haha

After our fun time with the tubes, it was time to do some skiing. I grew up on skis and some of my fondest memories were water and snow skiing with my family. My brother and I got pretty good and started skiing with some of the instructors on a regular basis, we were there so much they all knew us by name. So back to my story. We all got our ski's on and off to the lifts we went. The bunny hill no longer had a rope tow, as it was replaced with chair lifts. As a parent, I was a little apprehensive, I mean really.... my kid could actually fall to his death while riding this thing. A little scary for a parent.
After several times riding the chair lift, we decided to let Cameron ride with his little friend he brought along, Varney. Varney is only 6 years old, but this kid can ski! Doesn't help that his dad is a pretty avid skier himself. I literally sat down with him for like 10mins and went through all the do's and don'ts on a ski lift and warned him about what could happen if he wasn't careful. I have to say.... not a problem one and both the boys were awesome! This ski trip was the first for both of my kids. They did so good too! Jocelyn was ready to hang it up after 2 or 3 times going down the hill and crashing, but with lots of encouragement and time spent teaching her, she was the last one on the hill when it came time to quit. Funny how she works sometimes.

So our evening ended with big bon fires, fireworks, a nice little torch performance, face painting, dummy jumps and just lots of fun!

Chyenne's cousins, actually more like good friends, Troy and Martha provided us with many breaks in cost and surprised us with a nice room at Camp Sherman, we are so thankful for them and had a wonderful time. I think this will be a tradition for our family every year and maybe next year we can do the same for another family as Troy and Martha did for ours. Thank you also Tim and Tracy for their part in our adventure, and Aaron and Jennifer. We had a wonderful time and really brought my family closer together. I can't wait till next year.


Anita said...

How beautiful! I've been skiing all of one time............a college vacation.......and I spent most of my time by a cozy fire.......the lifts scare the snot out of me.
Looks like your family had a great time!!

Christie said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip!