Monday, January 4, 2010

Roller Skating!

Lastnight we went roller skating and got some pretty cute pictures! Of coarse I always snap a million pictures so here are a few to share. Enjoy!
Miss Camera Ham! She was so cute in skates! And did such a great job this time!

Awee daddy and daughter roller skating to "Journey" it was so sweet!

Yep... they got me out there too! Man I woke up soar the next day. lol

Cameron showing his skills. lol

Cameron and Varney. Good friends for life.


Anita said...

I'm impressed, I would be on my butt!!
I'm sure your kids had a blast!

Christie said...

Fun! I wish we had a Skate World here. We go to skate night with the kids school. The local place offers the school 4.50 skating and rental for 2 hours on our schools designated skate nights.

Sheri Hubbs said...

Ohh thank you girls! Trust me, I WAS on my butt. lol When we first got on our skates, I had one of my photography cameras around my shoulder and I was stepping (with my skates on) off the skating rink and I plumited backwards right on my rearend and put my opposite hand behind me and thought I snapped my wrist, but wound up being okay after a few mins. Thankfully my camera was okay... After that, I went and put my camera in a locker with the rest of our things. Ughhh I am VERY soar today still! I feel OLD. lol