Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cameron's Pictures

So Cameron wanted some pictures taken since I took some of Jocelyn, so since I love Photography, I was excited to go out and get a little creative. We found this tagged wall, and it was so perfect that I just had to experiment with it. Someone had brought it to my attention that the first picture below says: Marry Me. I did not see that at first until she pointed it out, but I love the picture and I could photo shop it, but heck.... I have decided to just leave it alone. It's cute. My son loves to pose and is such a natural at it, I hardly had to tell him what to do. I can NOT wait to get my dream camera as I have been using this Pentax SLR camera that has been given to me, and I really have a hard time with getting the look I want. The pictures just don't POP like I want them too! Hopefully real soon I will get that camera, then I will be on my way to obtaining that look. In the mean time... It certainly doesn't hurt to play around, after all.... I does give lots of pictures that my children will be able to look back on when they are older, even if they are silly or just plain dumb. LOL Enjoy~

The kids and their "old" babysitter that now lives in MA... She came to visit and the kids wanted a picture with her.


Christie said...

Very nice pictures

Stephanie M. said...

Oh.. I so want the Nikon D300 or the Canon EOS Rebel XS... I can't wait to get mine. Once I do.. we'll have to take some trips together to get some pictures of the oregon scenery.

Oregon Mom said...

GREAT pictures! He is so handsome! and so grown up! Very very nice!