Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Nutcracker!

Ever since I found out almost 6 (very short) years ago I was having a girl, my dream of taking my daughter to her first ballet was finally happening. I decided this year that she was old enough to sit through a long performance. Once the decision was made, the journey began. First... Tickets! First experience for both of us, I did NOT want nose bleeders! First row? Affordable? Searching online, looking at the theatre seating chart and pricing I just HAD to get the best! I knew going into this, it was easily a 200 dollar plus night. At this point... I didn't care. This evening was about my princess and I would go to any extent to give her the most memorable evening that she could remember for life. So my journey continued....

After many phone calls and research, I purchased 3 tickets for 48 dollars a piece. OUCH! Yes, I said just what you were thinking, and the 3rd ticket was for a good friend of mine birthday gift, not bad for a 30 year friendship birthday gift (did I just say 30 year friendship? I feel OLD now!) However, when I got to the box office, I just happened to ask if there were any kind of discounts for students. To my surprise, there was! Wow, I thought. Thinking maybe a few dollars off my total?!? Nope, I paid 10 dollars total for my ticket! I could not believe it! Just for opening my mouth, I saved 38 dollars! The crappy thing was, was that I paid 48 dollars for my daughter's ticket and she sat on my lap the whole time! Argg. Oh well, MUCH worth it.

So the tickets were bought..... now onto our wardrobe! I took Jocelyn (my daughter) out shopping about a week before our big night, thinking it was going to turn into an all day shopping extravaganza, to my dismay, she found her dress on the first stop we made! I fell in love with the dress as well. So after the dress came shoes and jewelry, with the exception of her silver butterfly necklace in which I surprised her with right before walking out the door. That little gift brought my husband and I to tears as "daddy" did the honors of putting it on for her. (I always call her my little butterfly, so it was perfect!) So her attire was set, and so was mine! She was so excited for this day to come, that I couldn't wait for the day to get here just so I didn't have to hear her ask every 5 mins when we were going to go!!

So, to wrap this special evening up.... the evening came and after spending countless hours it seemed like, in the bathroom getting all dolled up.... we were finally ready to start the evening! We met my good friend in town at the Olive Garden to kick off the evening with a yummy dinner (on me) then off to the Hult center where the Nutcracker was being performed! Lets just say, we all LOVED it and now my daughter talks about being a "beautiful ballerina" all the time! She has always wanted to dance, but more so even now! LOL So my evening got even MORE expensive with the promise to NOW sign her up for ballet! I can't wait!

After the show, I bought her a souvenir to remember this fun filled night. It ended with carrying her from the car to the house after falling asleep on the way home. It was so sweet to see my little girl exhausted from a night out with mommy. ;) Ahhh I just love being a mother! I love my children and I am so blessed to be able to share such memorable experiences with them. <3