Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years 2009!

WOW.... what a year it has been! Lots of trial and error.... Happy and sad times... blessed moments and moments I thought my world was just going to end. Living to see 2010 is somewhat of a relief and a new, fresh start.

This year, we have decided to stay home and make it a "family" night. Fun with board games and hot cocoa! What more can a mom want?!? I love that my heart has changed through the years and that I can say I am the mom that looks forward to spending time with my kids, not apart from them.

Now for my resolutions. This year I have made up a list. Last year, I did not and I somewhat regret that. I love a challenge, I mean after all.... who really keeps their resolutions??? Well, I am wide open to lots of CHANGE!

So this year here they are (NOT in order)

1. Eat healthier. My goal is to lose weight and feel better.


3. Spend more time with friends. At least a girls night 1x a month. And no I am not talking girls night out to the bars.... I am talking, devotion time or a nice dinner and movie with those inspirational motivators. ;)

4. Make it a date night with the hubby! We NEVER go out and it's going to start!

5. Move forward with my goal of having my own business. Even if it means doing a little homework to get me a bit closer.

6. Be more helpful out in public. The other day I took a lady's shopping cart for her (she was an older lady) because It was just pouring down rain, and I was just on my way home, so I didn't mind getting wet.... she was so thankful and doing something so simple, made me feel so good!

7. Run.... I want to start running. We shall see where this takes me. ;)

8. Travel! My goal is to go somewhere at least 1 weekend out of the month. Even if it's to pack up the car and go wherever we end up. Sometimes it's fun not to plan at all. ;) I LOVE adventures!

9. Keep up with my schooling. I am doing a great job so far. A's all the way! I would LOVE to make the honor roll, if I keep up with straight A's, I just may. My goal is just to have A's though. More than that would just be more of a blessing.

10. Get more into the word! I loved finding my faith and sometimes we get so tied up with our daily routines that we push "Church" to the side. My goal is to be more involved this year. ;)

So there is my list! It seems like a lot, but I feel I can take it on! I LOVE challenges. I am known for biting off more than I can chew, but If I put my heart and soul into it.... it should be a piece of cake right?!? LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE New Year this year and see you all next year! Sounds crazy to say that!



Christie said...

Those are some great goals! I call them goals not resolutions. :)

Anita said...

Aww Sheri, what a nice surprise to see your comment today!! I have missed you!
I read back a few posts, all seems really well for you and your family.........
Wishing you a really joyous 2010!

Tiffany said...

Fabulous list! I also want to volunteer more this year - even just every other month - call the Mission or the church and see what needs to be done.