Saturday, May 9, 2009

Water Skeeters!!!

Today was so beautiful when we got up that we decided to spend the day outside. We started off the day by going to a friends house up the road from us to see her newly born baby goats. 6 of them in all and they were so cute! Unfortunately I forgot my camera! Ughh but the kids loved playing with them. From there we went up to Shot Gun Creek, a place we go quite often. Cameron brought a friend with him and daddy met up with us later in the day since he had some work to get caught up on.

We found this really cool little swimming hole that we hiked down into and the kids had a BLAST! They were ready for their adventure! Cameron came prepared with a couple of bug catchers and magnifying glass. We skipped rocks, hiked, learned about different plants such as salmon berries, huckle berries and that 3 leaf clovers are edible along with licorice root.

Many insects were caught and released back into their habitat. Cameron caught this really cool spider that actually laid an egg in his bug catcher. He went off and released it very gently back to it's home. The boys came across millions of water skeeters and caught a dozen or so of them. Some even had babies on their backs. We had a very fun day and daddy showed up for a few more hours of fun. We came home and read up on the water bugs the boys caught, so it turned educational, which was pretty cool.

We had a great day, but pooped now. Time for some relaxing down time. Enjoy the pics.

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