Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Fun Filled Saturday...

A.C Gilbert's Discovery Village.

This was such a fun place we took the kids to this weekend. Located in Salem, Oregon.... This museum was filled with all kinds of really fun stuff. Almost made you want to be a kid again. You walk into this place and starting off was this life size grocery store from "fake" frozen food section to shopping carts to check out registers. We had a child's trip to China where we got to see their money, heritage, music and got to practice writing on these cool rocks.

There were so many rooms such as a river room, bubble room where we could make some of the biggest bubbles ever, the kids got to take a trip to the rain forest, dress up in rain forest animals.

Outside were many exhibits including the paddle wheeler, we learned how the paddle wheeler transported goods and people out of the Willamette valley. We explored the Mammoth dig where a big mammoth settled down in a sand pit. The kids got to explore and uncover other cool fossils of many other creatures.

We got to rock climb on the Gilbert rocks, walk thru a miniature village, walk thru a gigantic animal cell, walk thru discovery gardens, be creative on the musical decks, play on the erector set which was the kids favorite! The tower is 52 feet high, one of its highest in the world, 3 gigantic slides... one is at 2 stories tall. This play structure was just huge. After finishing our tour thru this wonderful museum we went across the street to the Carousel where the kids ate popcorn and rode the carousel.

After a long hard day of playing and exploring we settled down for pizza at Chucky Cheese which wasn't quite so relaxing I must say. We didn't get home till about 10pm that night but we had a FABULOUS day with our kids. I took over 200 pictures and obviously can not load them all on here so I share my favorites. Enjoy!

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