Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Christmas!!

Okay.... So I love, LOVE to decorate for the holidays. Especially Christmas. This year was a bit different than the last 5 years due to being in a new house. A bit frustrating I must say. I was loaded down with boxes and each year I buy a few new things for the following year, makes it really fun. So pulling things out of boxes needless to say went right on my kitchen table and stacked everywhere. Hmmm where to put everything. Well after several days I came to find homes for everything and I am pretty happy where each decoration landed.

There's nothing more fun than to have people enter your home and compliment on all your fabulous decorations. The kids get to show them off for me by pushing the buttons on all the noise makers... which is pretty much EVERYTHING! I am really into the holiday spirit this year and can NOT wait for Santa to come to our home.

Enjoy the pics that I took. The pictures sure do not do my home justice. The decorations on the wall look soooo small. and my carpet looks very blah and ugly, in essence its very nice looking outside of all the pictures. LOL


Stephanie said...

Very cute!! Don't you just LOVE Christmas time?!

Miss Chief said...

I See You Got The Pillows Done!They Look Great! You Did A Great Job! I Miss Ya! See You Soon!